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Eichhorn Team


Elmahdy Abdulhamied

Elmahdy Abdulhamied obtained his B.Sc. from Omar El-Mukhtar University in Tobruk, Libya. He completed his M.Sc. on the synthesis and interfacial properties of amphiphilic tetraazaporphyrins in the Eichhorn Team in 2016. He studied his compounds by the Langmuir-Blodgett technique at Concordia University (DeWolf Group) as a research assistant in 2017. Elmahdy obtained funding from Libya for his Ph.D. in 2019 and started his graduate work on amphiphilic and polymerizable dyes in the Eichhorn Team the same year. He enjoys soccer, swimming, hunting, fishing, and camping when he is not in the lab.

Mojtaba Samiei Alalani.jpg

Mojtaba Samiei Alalani

Mojtaba Samiei Alalani completed his B.Sc. in chemistry at Azad University, Iran in 2013 and started his M.Sc. in the fields of nanocatalysis and sol-gel chemistry at the University of Isfahan, Iran in 2018. He joined the Eichhorn research team in Fall 2020 as a M.Sc. student to develop new molecular designs for discotic liquid crystals and their application as organic semiconductors and advanced lubricants. He plans to continue his education as a Ph.D. student at the University of Windsor and enjoys Karate, cycling and mountain climbing in his free time.


S. Holger Eichhorn

Dr. S. Holger Eichhorn has been trained in dye and polymer chemistry during his Ph.D. at the University of Bremen (D. Wöhrle) which he completed in 1995. He became proficient in the synthesis, characterization, and processing of liquid crystalline compounds and other mesophases as a postdoctoral researcher during stays at Exeter University (D. Bruce), Leeds University/SOMS Centre (R. Bushby, N. Boden) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (T. Swager). Since he started his independent career at the University of Windsor in 2001, his team has reported a wide range of different mesomorphic, amphiphilic, and polymerizable dyes for applications in organic electronics, coatings, sensing, and as fluorescent markers. They have also contributed to the development of nanomaterials and polymer composites, mostly as collaborative efforts. In his free time, Dr. Eichhorn enjoys yoga, cycling, hiking, and competitive table tennis.

Adam Cassar.jpg

Adam Cassar

Adam Cassar worked on liquid crystalline DPP and isoindigo derivatives as an undergraduate research student under the supervision of Eichhorn and Taing (Ph.D. student at the time) at the University of Windsor. He started his M.Sc. in the Eichhorn group in 2019 to continue his work on mesomorphic DPP derivatives with a focus on fluorescent materials. Adam is an avid traveller and presently searching for a Ph.D. position outside North America.

Jacob Rothera.jpg

Jacob Rothera

Jacob Rothera has worked on designing, synthesizing and characterizing unconventional liquid crystalline and dye materials since his time as an undergraduate research student at the University of Windsor under the supervision of Eichhorn and Taing (Ph.D. student at the time). He started his M. Sc. in the Eichhorn group in 2019 but has since transferred to the Ph.D. program in 2020, with a focus on developing mesomorphic materials for use in organic electronic applications. When not in the lab, Jacob can usually be found running (competitively or leisurely) around the Windsor area, playing golf or soccer and watching hockey.

Undergraduate Research Students


Rita Butrus (4th-year)

Masoud Harati (4th-year)

Olivia Konrad (4th-year)

Karla Alnajm (3rd-year)

Molly Chen (2nd-year)

Leo He (2nd-year)

Joshua Mathews (1st-year)



Graduate Students


Hi Taing (Ph.D. 2019)

Iman Azarian Borojeni (M.Eng. 2018, Engineering; co-supervised with Biao Zhou)

Sarah Salloum (M.Sc. 2017)

Elmahdy Abdulhamied (M.Sc. 2016)

Esmaeil Navaei Alvar (Ph.D. 2015, Engineering; co-supervised with Biao Zhou)

Tianhao Guo (M.Eng. 2015, Engineering; co-supervised with A. Edrisy)

Jonathan Yu (M.Sc. 2015)

Shuai Chen (Ph.D. 2013)

Mohamed Ahmida (Ph.D. 2012)

Himadri Kayal (Ph.D. 2012)

Muhammed Iqbal (Ph.D. 2012)

Natalie Suhan (Ph.D. 2009; co-supervised with S. Loeb)

Scott Dufour (M.Sc. 2006)

Weijuan Jia (M.Sc. 2004)

Hui-Sheng Li (M.Sc. 2004)

Anupama Adavelli (M.Sc. 2003)

Postdoctoral Researchers


Dr. M. Nazir Tahir (2018-20)

Dr. Mohamed Ahmida (2015-16)

Dr. Soumava Santra (2015)

Dr. Himadri Kayal (2012-13)

Dr. Andrey Demenev (2006-8)

Dr. Ahmed Bari (2005-7)

Dr. Jiayan Xu (2002)


Research Associates and Visiting Scientists


Dr. Shazia Muzaffar (2018-19)

Fatemeh Zisti (2017-18)

Joanne Yu (2016-17)

Katharina Kress (2014)

Mohamed Ahmida (2012-13)



Undergraduate Research StudentsJunghoon Ko (2016-20)


Adam Cassar (2016-19)

Jacob Rothera (2015-19)

Chokshi, Vishva (2018-19)

Rajan Dhaliwal (2018-19)

Jarod Furmanek (2018-19)

Lily Southcott (2017 summer)

Romel Abou-Akl (2017-19)

Ezzat Makawi (2016-19)

Mohammed Oran (2016-18)

Nadia Albano (2015-17)

Sarah Tran (2015-16)

Jake Roddy (2013-16)

Vanessa Bellemore (2012-15)

Serxho Selmani (2013-14)

Mayce Mirza (2013-14)

Ayodele Gbadamosi (2012-14)

Sheilan Sinjari (2011-14)

Pauline Finn (2012-13)

Christopher Langley (2011-13)

Omar Zghal (2010-13)

Omid Beiraghi (2010-13)

Jonathan Yu (2010-13)

Hi Taing (2010-13)

Grant Fortowsky (2010-11)

Alaaeddeen Swidan (2009-11)

Bryan Lucier (2006-7; co-supervised with R. Schurko)

Brandon Mousseau (2006-7)

Stuart Mahoney (2004-7)

Alina Vacaru (2005-6)

Jessica McLachlan (2004-5)

Bryan Bornais (2002-5)

Nicolas Fox (2002-4)

Scott Dufour (2002-3)

MD Sharif Ahmed (2002-3)

Beverly Ebegbuzie (2002)

Uche Aniekwe (2001-2)

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